Siamo in Grado di Offrire Soluzioni Integrate


Il Gruppo Sicev si colloca inoltre sul mercato come operatore in grado di offrire soluzioni integrate in campo immobiliare anche per terzi, assolvendo con successo e innovazione agli incarichi e agli appalti industriali ricevuti nell’ambito dell’analisi degli investimenti, della progettazione edile e civile e del general contracting & contract management. La società supporta i propri committenti in tutte le fasi del processo di sviluppo immobiliare dalla concezione iniziale alla consegna finale tramite la propria competenza tecnica interna coprendo tutti i segmenti: residenziale, commerciale, terziario, industriale e alberghiero.

Brand Strategy

• Workshops

The Discovery Workshop we inquire about your desired brand voice, brand personality, customers, team, and secret sauce using a variety of interactive activities and brainstorming tools.

• Tactics

Our tactics include Account Management and the creation of new ideas, campaigns, channels, and content.

• Audits

Informed by any previous work or workshops, we make precise recommendations on what changes to make across your website, content, emails, social media presence.

• Launch strategy

Why read motivational sayings? For motivation! You might need a bit, if you can use last year’s list of goals this year because it’s as good.

Digital Campaings

We will surpass your KPIs with our unique method of ‘Brandformance’, a combination of brand awareness and accurate performance.

• Hyper Targeted

We identify your users based on their behaviour and figure out the best time and the best way to reach them. Each user sees a different personalized message.

• Remarketing

Only 25% of users who install your app will actually use it, we understand what's needed to keep them coming back for more.

• Burst

To reach the top of the App Store / Google Play, your app needs to be downloaded X times a day. We burst your app to the top, in any country,.

• Brand Engagement

We leverage the capabilities of mobile channels to create viral, innovative, buzz-worthy and gamified campaigns to impact your target audience.

• Social Campaings

As social media becomes the more-and-more-frequent go-to method of contacting and researching businesses and organization, effective use of social media is becoming less optional.